Covid-19 Response

After the tensity created by the pandemic, COVID-19 the whole nation is facing endless challenges with communities and economies. As on May 5th, 2020 the active reported COVID-19 cases have increased to 46,711 and taking the death toll to 1,583. The worst-hit have on low-wage workers, with limited access to health services and State welfare safety nets. Lockdown has impacted these workers significantly, forcing them to return to rural areas. But they are not even in the position to return as the transportation services are also under complete lockdown. Some have decided with to walk down hundreds of kilometers to return to their respective villages. Irony is this exodus involves women/pregnant ladies, old aged people, infants and children in this hot summer. This is a very trying time for daily wage laborers. whose livelihood is seriously jeopardized because of the lockdown.


Formation of Response TeamDSC 0216

We formed a core team of 16 members Babita, Soni, Rahul, Kanchan, Abhishek, Pankaj, Sanjeet, Priyanka, Ganga, Asish, Lalita, Mala, Nisha Anwita Pal which worked passionately under the leadership of our National Director, Mr. Ajit Pal and Office Manager, Mrs. Leena Pal. In the midst of lockdown and restriction, this team immediately developed a strategy to reach out the most vulnerable and needy children and their families. Focus area and work profile was created for respective team members. Accordingly, the team started working in the framework of responsibilities.

Field survey

We conducted survey and came up with an authentic plan. Our team selflessly came on the ground despite the fearful and dangerous environment created by coronavirus in the city. Survey team went into the slums to identify beneficiaries. They found out aesthetic and vulnerable situation created due to Pandemic, Survey team adhering to the guidelines of the government identified the needy people and collected their information. Accordingly, a list of beneficiaries was prepared for almost 250 families living in distress and need.

Response by Supreme Task

  • Mr. Alwin W. Miller CEO of Children Medical Ministries and Mr. Larry Derstine President of SupremeTask International donated to provide covid-19 saftey kits and dry ration to the needy people
  • Few students donated dry ration for 5 families each.
  • Our team prepared for distribution on the 16th and 17th of April, 2020.
  • We requested Delhi Government, Police and Home Ministry to give permission for distribution of dry ration and covid kit.
  • Team transported food items to respective centers at midnight and collected fresh vegetables in the early morning from wholesale market to avoid any chaos.
  • Our team distributed safety kits consisting of gloves, masks, soap, sanitizer, phenyl, and supply of dry ration (potato, onion, grain, pulses, oil, sugar, and tea) which can be used by our beneficiaries for almost a fortnight. Along with the distribution of essentials, we also distributed a pamphlet on the “do’s and don'ts” in times of such crises to create awareness amongst our beneficiaries.

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Balangir District Collector & District Magistrate is selected Supreme Task General Hospital as Covid care centre since April' 2020.


The Hospital was sanitized and 40 beds were setup to accommodate people. The staff went through an online training on Covid -19 care, our senior management team has several meetings with Collector & District Magistrate on preparation to quarantine people come from abroad and other states. In first week of April we accommodated 3 people returned from England, they were Quarantine for 14 days. After them 24 students (Girls) came from Rajasthan Kota and lived in our Hospital on quarantine. In the end of April, 8 people were sent to our hospital for quarantine.Hospital2

Mask distribution

There was the necessity of mask in Balangir and Govt. declared everyone to wear the mask, Supreme task general hospital immediately come to rescue of poor people and distributed surgical masks to over 500 people.

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Emergency Need/ Future Plan of Action

  • Work closely with the government bodies in order to spread awareness amongst the families of migrant laborers living in slums.
  • Distribution of essentials to more people in need.
  • Strategize and implement effective plans for the welfare of beneficiaries


  • Safety and health of team members working actively amongst the communities.
  • The barriers imposed on the staff during the recent visits. 
  • Insufficient funds for providing dry ration and essentials.
  • More number of people added to the beneficiaries' families due to the lockdown because they can’t move back to their villages.
  • Some well to do people in the distribution area objected to the movement of slum dwellers.




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