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Covid-19 Weekly update

Is India ready to meet a third wave?

Sadly no. Wave Three is projected to rear its head in October. Government incompetence, especially the tortoise pace of bureaucratic decision-making, has much to answer for the Covid-19 mess.

Below are the some factors that effecting country :

1.Third wave is coming. More dangerous than 2nd and small children have more danger.
2. Lack of medical infrastructure.
3. Slow vaccination rate.
4. Lack of oxygen.
5. Lack of icu beds.
6. Lack of awareness.
7. GDP is going down.
8. Unemployment is rising.
9. Increasing death ratio.
And many more......

Lack of awareness -

The government is playing coy on data. Policy formulation is impossible without it. Official numbers regarding infection and mortality are undercounted, due to low testing and image paranoia of the government.

There is no data on the age-group or risk profile of Covid patients in ICU or on ventilators. The number of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic patients is a secret. No findings on Covid deaths by age in different regions exist.

Slow vaccination rate:

Vaccinations in India dipped even as two-thirds of all districts reported a 20 percent climb in infection. Scientists and public health experts believe that herd immunity is impossible because the virus is changing too quickly. New variants are spreading fast. There is a need to do mass vaccination as early as possible.

 Lack of oxygen:

There are lessons to be learned in slow political will and red tape marring the dismal way India’s second wave is being handled, thereby causing unimaginable agony to the population. To meet the third wave, the government will have to hugely ramp up the availability of oxygen. Despite receiving emergency medical aid from the US, UK and Europe and Oxygen Express deliveries, the country has reached nowhere near oxygen sufficiency levels. There is no centralised coordination of oxygen supply and distribution.

In this bewildering scenario, unless India's rural healthcare and oxygen capacity and storage are ramped up massively, Wave Three will be more devastating to life, livelihoods and the economy.


Household incomes have fell sharply as a result of job losses and subsequently led to a critical demand crisis. While some jobs have been restored, India’s employment level is far from what it used to be before the pandemic in 2020.
If the resurgence of cases is not contained soon, the damage to the recovering economy could be catastrophic, according to several business owners who are now seeking strict Covid-19 protocols instead of complete lockdowns.

The Time to Act is NOW

 The Time to Act is NOW 

Help India fight 2nd deadly wave of COVID-19


Rajeshwari Devi, 58, died on Sunday after waiting for two days to get uninterrupted oxygen, an ambulance and a bed in a  Covid-19 hospital. She kept waiting and gasping but it was too late by the time help arrived. She was taken to a hospital emergency room on 16 April after her oxygen saturation level dropped. Her CT scan showed that she had developed severe pneumonia. But without her Covid report the hospital refused to admit her. She spent around 36 hours in the emergency room on oxygen support. The staff there told her family they were running out of oxygen and she needed to be moved to a bigger hospital but there was no ambulance or any promise of a bed. The desperate family took her in their car to a hospital where a bed had become available after the intervention of a politician. She had no oxygen support in the car - she died minutes before she could be admitted to hospital. Ashish Agrahari, her son, says his mother would have had a chance at survival if treatment was given in time. Heartbreaking stories such as this are coming in from across India as second Covid wave wreaks havoc. But the country’s healthcare system is crumbling amid the surge in cases - doctors say it’s hard for them to “see the light at the end of the tunnel this time” Prime Minister Modi expressed concern over spread of the Covid virus to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Prime Minister spoke at length on the oxygen supply issue which has been in the news due to reports of deaths of patients across various states as hospitals have run out of oxygen……

covid 22 20210503 402 602Relative grieve, after 24 hours Covid-19 patient died, allegedly due to shortage of oxygen cylinders

covid 2 20210501 402 602Mass cremation of COVID-19 Victims in New Delhi



Ez1GiO9UYAAcqw0Girls carrying their deceased father to the cremation ground

The second wave of COVID pandemic in India has unleashed an unprecedented public health crisis caused due to the large-scale spread of COVID infection in all parts of the country. According to the news reports, the past few days have witnessed cases reaching till 4,00,000 per day and nearly 2500 COVID’19 related deaths in different parts of the country.

Migrants 1 20210430 402 602Migrants and other passenger arrive at railway station to head their hometown, amidst curfew imposed to prevent the spead of Covid-19

The health system, particularly in the large cities and urban areas, is failing miserably due to the rapid increase in the number of COVID patients who are desperately seeking medical assistance and supplemental oxygen. As COVID’19 is raging on, Supreme Task India has a desire to reach out to people in the slums of Delhi and villagers in Odisha.

corona outbreak 4 20210503 402 602Health Worker adjust oxygen mask of COVID-19 positive patient as she receive primary treatment inside an autorickshaw at Government COVID-19 hospital

We need to immediately address burning issues. The poor people are in extreme need of oxygen and beds. People coming from well-established families aren’t able to find beds, so think about the plight of the poor. Many of them passed away outside the hospital itself while standing in the long emergency queues. Many individuals who are in home isolation have infected their own family members. Their homes get sealed and they don’t have anyone to get them essentials and medicines.

covid 2 20210427 402 602A Covid-19 patient gets primary treatment inside a car as he waits to be admitted at a hospital

With these intentions, Supreme Task India will launch an initiative in emergency, which seeks to directly support COVID’19 affected families. We aspire to provide prevention, vaccination, hygiene and food security interventions.

Corona outbreak 1 20210502 402 602Relatives of Covid-19 patients queue to collect oxygen

Many COVID patients and their families can be benefitted, as we will be helping them with cooked meals and medications for the COVID patients. Also, we would like to provide Oxygen Concentrators to patients who are in extreme need of it. Adolescent girls and women in the slums do not have access to sanitary pads, lack of which will further deteriorate their health and hygiene.


During the first wave of the pandemic our organization helped to provide dry ration and hygiene kits to our beneficiaries. We provided dry ration to around 15000 families in the vicinity of South West Delhi.

Main Banner333

Emergency relief drive by Supreme Task
The situation during the first pandemic was also volatile and hundreds of thousands of migrant workers were on exodus. There was fear in the minds of people of the new virus and the terror that how will it impact someone’s life. Supreme Task whole heartedly fought against the first  wave and reached out to the migrant laborers and needy families in providing dry ration, hygiene kits. Similarly, in the second wave we are hopeful to be of substance and stretch out a hand to the people who are struggling with the sudden crisis. People don’t get beds in hospitals and unable to get oxygen cylinders hence, they are losing their lives.
Tale of miseries amidst the pandemic and lockdown…..

Neeraj has been one of the most energetic and regular student in our Literacy Center. He lives Neerajwith his mother and sisters in the slum of Dabri. Sadly, his father, Ghasi Ram who was the sole bread earner in the house contracted the Covid and passed away due to lack of resources and the inability to access health care. The family is left in tatters after the tragic loss of head of their house. At the moment, Neeraj is not old enough to work and his mother cannot even go out to work because of the lockdown. The family is locked inside their house without food and basic facilities. Neeraj and his sisters are not in a position to continue their studies. The family is experiencing the greatest crisis of their lives with being physically, mentally as well as financially shattered.
Rajkumari has been associated with us through Rajkumarithe Empowerment for  Women project. She has been proactive in participating and learning. The constant pain in her legs has created problems for her, while doing the daily chores. Despite of this she used to work in two houses as their house-help as she was in dire need of money. On 5th April 2021 her husband died a sudden death out of Covid. But she denies that her husband died out of Covid, as she fears that people would scorn upon her. They feel shattered as there is complete lockdown in Delhi and she cannot work. Her relatives used to help her initially but they have also stopped as they themselves are facing acute shortages of resources. She called our Teacher and requested for help. This lockdown has left many people like Rajkumari in a helpless and hopeless situation where either the starvation or the pandemic will kill them.
Gungun is an extra ordinarily brilliant student in our Smash Hunger Center. Her sisters Dolly and Himani are also a part of our project. She wasn’t able to come for sometime, as her health condition was deteriorating. Her recovering rate was very low as compared to what the doctors were expecting.  Her mother used all her savings and took many loans to pay for Gungun’s treatment. Sadly, nothing worked and Gungun passed away. Her family is extremely broken now.  They are so drained that they do not know what to do with their life furthermore. While already they are dealing with this emotional trauma, they are also now under extreme debts and unable to repay the debts as they are low on finances because of lack of work during this ongoing lockdown. Thus they are very vulnerable during this 2nd wave of Covid-19.
covvid 2 20210504 402 602
People at an oxygen filling station with their cylinders, as a spike in corona virus across the nation spiked the demand for oxygen
Through this initiative, we will be focusing on the below mentioned categories:-
  1. Food Aid: To support poor and vulnerable families affected by the COVID with dry ration kits to ensure food and nutrition security for 30 days. We will also provide cooked light meals for covid patients in covid care center.
  2. Oxygen concentrators and Hygiene Kits for COVID patients: The organization will provide high flow oxygen concentrators and hygiene kits which would include medicines for COVID patients.
  3. Sanitary Pad Distribution: Earlier adolescent girls used to get sanitary napkins in schools, but now during the lockdown they aren’t getting it. Also, poor women in the slum cannot afford to purchase sanitary pads to keep up with the menstrual health and hygiene.
  4. Information Center: Through an information center our organization can help people to be transported to COVID Care Centers.
  5. Financial Assistance: We can also provide cash to a few needy families who do not have anything for survival.
  6. Protection for COVID warriors: The organization aims to support doctors, nurses, frontline health workers, police personnel, sanitation and other workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to enable them to continue delivering services to COVID patients.


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Covid-19 Response update

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Covid-19 Response

After the tensity created by the pandemic, COVID-19 the whole nation is facing endless challenges with communities and economies. As on May 5th, 2020 the active reported COVID-19 cases have increased to 46,711 and taking the death toll to 1,583. The worst-hit have on low-wage workers, with limited access to health services and State welfare safety nets. Lockdown has impacted these workers significantly, forcing them to return to rural areas. But they are not even in the position to return as the transportation services are also under complete lockdown. Some have decided with to walk down hundreds of kilometers to return to their respective villages. Irony is this exodus involves women/pregnant ladies, old aged people, infants and children in this hot summer. This is a very trying time for daily wage laborers. whose livelihood is seriously jeopardized because of the lockdown.


Formation of Response TeamDSC 0216

We formed a core team of 16 members Babita, Soni, Rahul, Kanchan, Abhishek, Pankaj, Sanjeet, Priyanka, Ganga, Asish, Lalita, Mala, Nisha Anwita Pal which worked passionately under the leadership of our National Director, Mr. Ajit Pal and Office Manager, Mrs. Leena Pal. In the midst of lockdown and restriction, this team immediately developed a strategy to reach out the most vulnerable and needy children and their families. Focus area and work profile was created for respective team members. Accordingly, the team started working in the framework of responsibilities.

Field survey

We conducted survey and came up with an authentic plan. Our team selflessly came on the ground despite the fearful and dangerous environment created by coronavirus in the city. Survey team went into the slums to identify beneficiaries. They found out aesthetic and vulnerable situation created due to Pandemic, Survey team adhering to the guidelines of the government identified the needy people and collected their information. Accordingly, a list of beneficiaries was prepared for almost 250 families living in distress and need.

Response by Supreme Task

  • Mr. Alwin W. Miller CEO of Children Medical Ministries and Mr. Larry Derstine President of SupremeTask International donated to provide covid-19 saftey kits and dry ration to the needy people
  • Few students donated dry ration for 5 families each.
  • Our team prepared for distribution on the 16th and 17th of April, 2020.
  • We requested Delhi Government, Police and Home Ministry to give permission for distribution of dry ration and covid kit.
  • Team transported food items to respective centers at midnight and collected fresh vegetables in the early morning from wholesale market to avoid any chaos.
  • Our team distributed safety kits consisting of gloves, masks, soap, sanitizer, phenyl, and supply of dry ration (potato, onion, grain, pulses, oil, sugar, and tea) which can be used by our beneficiaries for almost a fortnight. Along with the distribution of essentials, we also distributed a pamphlet on the “do’s and don'ts” in times of such crises to create awareness amongst our beneficiaries.

Emailer sir



Balangir District Collector & District Magistrate is selected Supreme Task General Hospital as Covid care centre since April' 2020.


The Hospital was sanitized and 40 beds were setup to accommodate people. The staff went through an online training on Covid -19 care, our senior management team has several meetings with Collector & District Magistrate on preparation to quarantine people come from abroad and other states. In first week of April we accommodated 3 people returned from England, they were Quarantine for 14 days. After them 24 students (Girls) came from Rajasthan Kota and lived in our Hospital on quarantine. In the end of April, 8 people were sent to our hospital for quarantine.Hospital2

Mask distribution

There was the necessity of mask in Balangir and Govt. declared everyone to wear the mask, Supreme task general hospital immediately come to rescue of poor people and distributed surgical masks to over 500 people.

WhatsApp Image 2020 05 27 at 11.55.46 AM

WhatsApp Image 2020 05 27 at 11.55.47 AM


Emergency Need/ Future Plan of Action

  • Work closely with the government bodies in order to spread awareness amongst the families of migrant laborers living in slums.
  • Distribution of essentials to more people in need.
  • Strategize and implement effective plans for the welfare of beneficiaries


  • Safety and health of team members working actively amongst the communities.
  • The barriers imposed on the staff during the recent visits. 
  • Insufficient funds for providing dry ration and essentials.
  • More number of people added to the beneficiaries' families due to the lockdown because they can’t move back to their villages.
  • Some well to do people in the distribution area objected to the movement of slum dwellers.




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Support to combat pandemic Covid-19

Support to combat pandemic Covid-19

Supreme Task India has been working wholeheartedly for the welfare of people in these harsh times
of pandemics. COVID 19 has caused immense damage to the people, especially daily wage labourers
as they are deprived of money, essentials and safety. The situation demands immediate steps to be
taken for the deceleration of the spread of corona virus. Supreme Task is on the ground in rural and
urban areas working alongside Government to combat the pandemic.

We are providing aid to needy people by distributing masks, soaps and hand sanitisers. In
partnership with Government Health department, our Hospital is screening patients. Our medical
staffs are working round the clock at this critical situation. An isolation centre is setup in the

The lockdown has already created a huge tension in the country, especially in communities where
people are suffering as they are falling short of resources. Supreme Task India has come up with a
cash and voucher programme which provides financial support to our families in communities. They
can use the cash/vouchers to purchase essential items such as healthy supplements for children,
pregnant women, food supplies, medicines, toiletries, etc. It’s going to help the locals to recover
from the monetary losses their families are facing.

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  • Hygiene Kit (three-layered face mask, hand sanitiser, soap)
  • Cash/Voucher (for one family for one month)
  • Dry ration for family (wheat flour, oil, sugar, lentils,tea powder, salt, chilli powder,turmeric powder, coriander powder)



Supreme Task pays homage to the martyred soldiers attacked in Pulwama district, J&K

Supreme Task pays homage to the martyred soldiers attacked in Pulwama district, J&K

Superintendent of Police, Bolangir along with Superintendent of Central Reserve Police Force, Bolangir unit organized a rally inviting the civil society, institutions and organizations of Bolangir. Supreme Task General Hospital, Bolangir came forward to pay homage to the Martyred Soldiers who lost their lives on 14 February 2019 while a convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway was attacked by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber at Lethpora in the Pulwama district, J&K, India. Around 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were Martyred.

Staff of Supreme Task General Hospital went with a banner expressing solidarity to the martyred brave hearts of India and condolences to their family. Over 5000 people including Army Officers, Civil Society Members, Govt. Officials, College Students, NGOs, Media etc. came forward to pay homage to the martyred soldiers. It was worth watching how the entire city was united to come forward on the streets of Bolangir to pay homage to the brave hearts. Holding candles in their hand, tears in their eyes, long live slogans piercing the sky people including women marched through the streets of Bolangir. It looked like Bolangir city halted for few hours to pay homage to the martyred soldiers. Passers by were bowing their heads in front of the banners having pictures of martyred soldiers and expressing their gratitude for the deposits of blood to protect the Nation.  

Our National Director Ajit Pal was invited to address the gathering. He in his brief speech while expressing grief for the martyred soldiers and condolences to their family reminded the people present about such a time as this in 1965 when then Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Sashtri gave the slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kishan” from Ramlila Maidan of Delhi when Pakistan was attacking India. He urged the people of this great Nation to be united at this critical juncture and uproot the evils of terrorism coming from across the border. Youth joined him in giving slogan” jai jawan, Jai Kisan”. A wave of united patriotism flowed among the crowd and everyone was continuously shouting “Jai Hind”, “Vande Matram” and so on.

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