General Hospital & Community Health

Supreme Task aims to improve health of the most vulnerable and deprived population of India. With this objective we have been running Supreme Task General Hospital and Netraniketan Eye Care Centre to build, improve and sustain health care delivery and healthier communities in Balangir District. Balangir is known for drought, poverty and is placed prominently in the map for Malaria, TB, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Cataract, diabetes, neonatal mortality, Infant mortality & maternal mortality. These are some of the important determinants to many of the local health indicators. Some of the primary health seeking behaviors and health practices of the people in Western Odisha, for many reasons, are considered as indifferent health seeking behaviors. Moreover, access to and control over health provisions and health care services have been denied for many of those who need it the most; and on the other hand, affordability to pay for provisions and services is limited to a few who seldom need health services.

Eliminate preventable and treatable blindness

Supreme Task General Hospital (STGH)&NetraNiketan is situated in Balangir District of Odisha. The objective is to eliminate preventable and treatable blindness by increasing affordability and access to quality, comprehensive and sustainable eye care services. Eye care centre provides quality eye care in an efficient, productive, and sustainable manner, leading to greater numbers of patients receiving sight-saving treatment and cataract surgery.

For last 11 years STGH has set a standard for clinical quality and personalized healthcare services with the following:-

  • STGH has grown and created space for new services and programs while ensuring that we have the latest surgical and diagnostic technology available to meet the ever-changing healthcare needs of the communities we serveIMG 4441
  • Supreme Task General Hospital and Netraniketan does Ω eye surgeries and health camps in order to break the “cycle of dependency” and to help them supplement their poor economic situation. It provides a path to people for personal liberation from societal oppression thus creating a cycle of change, which is powerful and sustainable. STGH takes pride in providing progressive technology along with building strong relationships with patients, families, physicians and residents of the communities we serve and empowers people to stand independently thus enabling them to gain personal freedom.
  • Apart from Ophthalmic Service, our hospital has been offering Obstetrics/Gynecology, Surgery, Pediatrics and emergency services. We have set up a modern diagnostic centre to investigate and diagnose all kinds of diseases.
  • Specialist Doctors with expertise in Ophthalmology, Anesthesia and Critical care, Diabetologist, Ob/Gynecology, General Surgery, Pathology, etc.
  • Well-trained, equipped and experienced paramedical staff are adequately available in-house with the commitment to serve each of the patient by giving personal attention and care.
  • Hospital is equipped with modern Medical equipment and instruments imported from USA.
  • Neat, clean and hygienic atmosphere with specious In-Patient Care (IPD) facilities are available in the Hospital.
  • Our community health wings reach out to the people in villages and provide them health awareness information, educate them to refrain from wrong health care practices and encourage them for medical care, delivery, treatments, etc. They are the bridge between the Hospital and villagers, as our Hospital works as HUB and Community health as SPOKES to connect people in remote places to avail better health care facility.


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