Partnership of Supreme Task with National Health Mission (NHM), Govt. of Odisha for strengthening the ASHA HBNC programme

Supreme Task is the State Training Agency for ASHA HBNC Programme for 6 districts under the specified zone of South West. As State Training Agency Supreme Task is acting as the State Training Site and providing required facilitation and handholding support for the implementation of ASHA HBNC programme in Balangir, Kalahandi, Nuapada, Boudh, Nabarangpur and Bargarh. Globally an estimated 5 million newborn deaths occur annually, of which 98% are in developing countries and the majority in Asia and Africa. About two thirds of infant mortalities occur in the 1st month of life and of these two thirds occur in the 1st week of life. The main causes of early neonatal death are asphyxia, birth trauma, infection, prematurity, and malformation. The latest IMR figures for India is 42 per 1000 live births (SRS, 2012) with a difference of 46 in Rural area and 28 in Urban areas. For Odisha is 55 per 1000 live births. As far as the Neo natal Mortality is concerned, it is 29 for India with a difference of 33 in Rural areas and 16 for Urban areas. For Odisha the NMR stands at 41.

Supreme Task General Hospital conducts capacity building programmes to orient and build up the capacity of District Level Trainers, officials and stake holders for effective implementation of ASHA HBNC programme as per requirement. - STA coordinate with block and district health administration to ensure participation of all ASHAs in the training and reaching of HBNC reporting format and equipment kit with all trained ASHAs.

Supreme Task General Hospital has established a separate cell called as ‘ASHA HBNC Cell’. In the year 2014-15, we have conducted around 15 trainings for BRG members, DLTs, ASHA’s and for ASHA SAATHIs on Home Based Nursing Care. HBNC staff of the hospital is doing extensive field visits, supervision and monitoring of HBNC work in the assigned 6 districts. During their visits, the staff is providing hand holding support to ASHA’s and ASHA SAATHI’s and helping them to increase their knowledge. Further, ASHAs and ASHA SAATHIS are trained in District Training Sites, which equip them with the skills and support to provide required care on household level. They visit newborn and post partum mother and other community level Health Workers like ANM/AWW. Now more information and skills are shared with the mother and family of newborn to ensure better health outcomes. They are fully supported and guided by our HBNC Coordinators. As a result of trainings provided by Supreme Task General Hospital as STA, now ASHAs possess required knowledge and skill to conduct the home visit to provide home based newborn care. Significant % of improvement in the post natal care to the new born and post partum care to the mothers has been reported in the surveys in the assigned six district. With such a successful intervention and training provided now leading to the achievement of results in reducing the neo natal mortality in South West Zone of Odisha.