About About Supreme Task India

Supreme Task India is a non-profit organization with a mandate to reach the unreached people of India and beyond; focusing on physical, health, education, training, emergency relief & rehabilitation. Making health a reality, education a must, saving the newborn, infants & mothers and providing emergency relief & rehabilitating disaster-affected people have been our mission. With nearly 25 years of experience, Supreme Task works in over 123 districts of 16 States in India impacting 13 lakh people, 6 lakh youth and their families, 20 thousand children and their families. We work along with old aged people, youth, women, children and communities to address issues of health, nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene, education, childcareand humanitarian emergencies in partnership with Governments, civil society, donors and corporates.

Who we are

Supreme Task India (STI) is a non-profit organization and we are committed to the poor, backward &marginalized communities to tackle issues of health, nutrition, cleanliness & hygiene, education, child protection, famine, disability, humanitarian emergencies, infant survival and domestic violence.

Who we work with:

We work in partnership with the Government of India, the state governments, other NGO partners, donors and corporations.

Our Vision:

Change a life, Change a destiny.

Where we work:

Supreme Task has been working through its projects & partners across 16 states of India.